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Showroom Molteni | Unifor | Dada

This is a showroom that has become symbolic as an example of how the classic style can be made timeless by the excellence of design. The current restoration work wants to give contemporary nuances to a building that however never goes out of fashion and still marks very high design standards today. The historic headquarters of the French branch Molteni - UniFor - Dada is renewed on the occasion of the first 50 years of activity of UniFor, a company from the Molteni group that develops and implements solutions for the contemporary office.

It was 1978 when Afra and Tobia Scarpa were given the task of restoring and furnishing the narrow spaces of a building to create a showroom in Rue des Saints-Pères. The modernity, efficiency and elegance transmitted by that first project still live today and are going to stand out when the works will be completed.

The new showroom project leaves the original one by Scarpa as it was, reinterpreting the spaces in a modern key. Our teams are operational within the site, in charge of floors and plasterboard installation, wall decorations application and interior furnishings set up.


CONTRACT: Molteni & C. SpA