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Promoting craftsmanship, while enhancing the 'Made in Italy' mark of excellence.

Our innate drive for growth and change has led us overseas with an ambitious project: the entrance into the American market through our knowledge of excellence and our know-how.
What started out as a challenge represents an extraordinary actuality today, which has widened our horizons and allowed us to dream big: AP MONTAGGI U.S.A. currently has two important offices, in New York and in Miami, which make up the backbone of our contract and marine fitting-out activities in the United States.

Making a difference, always
The corporate vision of AP Montaggi, in Italy and abroad, is to aim for the same goal as ever: to make a difference in services offered to customers. In order to differentiate ourselves in the sector, and to make reliability one of our greatest strengths, we have also built and set in place an administrative, operational, and logistics structure in the United States of the highest quality which allows us to carry forward work on our construction sites day by day, from every point of view.

The reasons behind AP Montaggi U.S.A.
We started working with the United States of America on the occasion of several important contract projects, which we were partners of in the fitting-out of furniture designed by the most renowned Made in Italy brands. Our introduction into the American market stimulated us to get to know every facet of it and to evaluate various aspects regarding what might have signified an opportunity for great advancement for our company. The offices and logistic structure of AP Montaggi U.S.A. were inaugurated in 2014 after much research into the international dynamics linked to our sector: the involvement of qualified professionals, with specific experience in the sector, allowed us to open ourselves to the commercial challenges of one of the most dynamic and cutting-edge entities of our times.
In order to offer full, high-quality service for our clients, from the project on paper all the way to the work being finalized, we orchestrate the opening up of the construction site in question, all activities, logistical aspects, and the administration of administrative and bureaucratic procedures tied to it, and lastly, the finalization of works carried out onto the delivery itself to the contractor.
The fitting-out of contract and marine furniture - which remains our core business - is the last link in a chain which is made up of people fully dedicated to their work who, despite whatever final results they have already achieved, are forever looking forward to facing their next goal.

Receiving and warehousing
In 2019 our U.S.A. division augmented its level of reliability and efficiency by opening a space of more than 5,000 square feet for the warehousing service in Miami. These strides made in strengthening our structure, in terms of logistics and operations, has rendered the company even more complete in terms of service offerings: the presence of well-structured offices in the United States guarantees a level of synchronicity in logistics activities and absolute reliability in the operations of the final fitting-out process.


New York
112 Madison Avenue, 6th Floor
New York, NY 10016

8737 Abbott Ave, Surfside
Miami, FL 33154