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Europe loves Made in Italy.

Since our first installations, the European continent has represented an excellent market to be manned as well as an excellent showcase for everything that is Made in Italy design. Starting from the Nations bordering our country, we have expanded our range from year to year, taking part on different construction sites distributed from north to south, from east to west. The appreciation of the whole of Europe towards Made in Italy does not end by talking about aesthetics: what is much more often recognized is the talent, all Italian, to merge artisan knowledge with the most modern technologies of transport, assembly and installation of furnishing components. For this reason, in turn, we are always excited to take part in set-up projects in Europe: the esteem of our customers motivates us to always work to the maximum of our possibilities, working to realize finished projects that are the top of quality.

An essential centre of great importance
Opened in 2019, the UK-based AP Montaggi headquarters turned out to be the natural evolution of a business that saw us increasingly present in the heart of Europe and especially in the U.K.
The strategic location of AP Montaggi U.K. makes our headquarters an important hub for the management of construction sites in London and nearby cities.

A solid reality
Every year we complete numerous set-up works in England but also in the rest of Europe, with a strong and reliable administrative, operational and logistics structure. Just over a year after the opening of the English headquarters, AP Montaggi U.K. relies on a complete team in the different professionals - from figures specialized in management to experts in the technical and operational field - for a total workforce of more than 30 units.