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SINCE 2002
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We love the challenges that come up while sitting around the table - between a pencil drawing and a ruler - starting with a handshake.

Just like those who preceded us in the early 60s in the small family artisan business, we too put a major emphasis on mutual respect, reliability, and trust. In observing techniques and in employing the same production processes, the skills we have acquired have become increasingly more specific and our professionalism greater, to the point that we have pinpointed the installation of luxury furnishings as being our focus.

Despite the evolution of our core business, the concept of craftsmanship - intended as a dynamic ability to respond to the needs of the market with tailor-made solutions – is still at the foundation of our company philosophy even today.
What makes us a professional and reliable partner is our dedication to making the most of our company's internal know-how, and to keeping our team continuously updated in their training: the best-known “Made in Italy” design brands choose us for our offering a service that is punctual, precise, and highly qualified.

We have been operating with AP MONTAGGI in outfitting furnishings in the contract and marine industries since 2002 which can, today, boast a solid logistic, administrative, and financial structure, with four different office locations in the most strategic parts of the world.


The reason behind why top brands in the industry choose us lies in the total and complete service that we offer to our partner companies.
Our group is made up of professionals who, based on the work to be undertaken, are organized into operational teams which carry out their work on the various construction sites, alongside all the key figures who are an integral part of them.
But there is much more to it: the various logistics and operational offices, present in various parts of the world, deal with the management of construction sites also from a formal point of view, by coordinating every type of activity according to regulations (legislative and commercial) present in whichever country interventions take place in.
Operations are coordinated as a whole and every aspect of activity carried out is supported with efficiency and accuracy. We know very well all the various steps and stages that take place when it comes to daily life on a construction site, from the moment work starts up to when it wraps up: this is what sets us apart and makes us one-of-a-kind.


Passion on the part of the single individual melds with the enthusiasm of the group.
What this produces is a working group of large proportions made up of different teams working in synergy on the national and international territory, with a very high level of professionalism.
The service offered by our company is characterized by the high level of quality in every single step taken in the fitting-out of civil and marine ships. We pride ourselves on being reliable, efficient, and visionary in everything we do: an absolute must in each one of our projects is our attentiveness to all things cutting-edge and the special care we take in creating a design that is tasteful and beautiful.